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Shanghai Watch Belt Cleaning How to Clean Watch Belt? Three steps!

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How to Clean Watch Belt

This small watch is a common metal strap. The rust on the watch is not deep. All you need to do is clean the surface and wash the dust and grease on the watch. Since this seagull watch is not waterproof, it is better to remove the strap when cleaning it, so as not to cause unnecessary rust and water inflow of the machine core. After removal, the metal strap in Shanghai is easy to clean. Remove the strap, then sprinkle it in hot water, soak it for 10 minutes, then gently brush it with a soft toothbrush. Don't forget these easy "dirt and dirt" areas in the gap of the strap. After cleaning, remove foam from water and dry in the ventilating place.

Precautions for cleaning watch straps in Shanghai

Waterproof performance of Shanghai low-cost watches is not very good, only to ensure the ordinary life of waterproof, so when cleaning must remove the case, to prevent rust in the machine core.

Although the steel band is more durable than the leather band, but the cleaning can not be sloppy, because the metal band is relatively soft, so the tool must be soft, can not leave scratches on it, but also blow dry as soon as possible.

The metal straps of Shanghai watches should be diligently cleaned. Normally, it is best to clean them every other year. If there are more stains, they can be cleaned every six months. If the stain is difficult to clean, it should be sent to a professional watch repair shop for cleaning.

Shanghai watchband should be diligent in cleaning at ordinary times, especially in the hot summer, when sweat soaks the watchband, it is necessary to wash it in time with clean water.