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How much is the maintenance of a mechanical watch?

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Hong Kong Watch Maintenance Center technician said: Maintenance time needs to refer to the actual time you use, that is, the time of mechanical operation, from 23 to 56 years. It can be maintained every three years, and problems can be found early. How much is a mechanical watch maintenance?

Maintenance of mechanical watches:

When the mechanical watch is maintained, it is necessary to disassemble all the parts of the watch, wipe the machine core with gasoline, then clean the other instruments in the watch by professional equipment, and finally oil and assemble them. In addition to the parts inside the watch, the outer shell of the watch should be polished and polished when cleaning the watch.

Because watches require very high technical parameters, cleaning watches is a very delicate task. Professional cleaning usually takes five days to complete.

There is no uniform price for cleaning and repairing watches. The cost is basically determined by the value of repairing watches. Low-grade watches (less than 1,000 yuan) should also be about 1,200 yuan; middle-grade watches should be about 1,000 yuan; high-grade watches maintenance costs are even more than 10,000 yuan.

Maintenance of mechanical watches requires a certain cost, especially the introduction of tens of thousands of yuan watches. Maintenance costs are even higher. According to the quality of watches, the cost of disassembly and washing varies. For example, watches, according to the regulations of watches industry associations, in addition to the cost of disassembly and washing, the inspection fee for tens of thousands of watches should be increased by one thousandth of the price of watches.

Only authorized after-sales maintenance service agencies can maintain or repair watches. Advanced maintenance equipment and skilled professional maintenance personnel to provide you with home-friendly service, escort your watch. To learn more about the maintenance of watches, click on online consultation and professional technicians to communicate directly.