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How to Maintain Name List

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Watches are inseparable from maintenance in daily use, especially name watches. Maintenance can not only make your watch work better, but also extend its service life. So how to maintain the watch? Let's tell you about the watch home below.

1. Watch sealing problem.

Most watches are waterproof, such as 30M, 50M, 100M and so on. Some of them are not waterproof. Although it is waterproof watch, but absolutely can not wear to take a sauna bath and hot bath, because after the cold shrinkage of cushion glue, hot air into the sealed bag, can not come out, resulting in fog is not handled in time, causing corrosion, rust, so watches and watches can only be worn under normal conditions. In fact, watch waterproofing mainly depends on a small number of rubber rings, a long time rubber rings will aging, after losing elasticity there will be cracks, which may lead to water intake, air intake, so it is necessary to regularly replace the sealed rubber rings in order to ensure watch waterproofing.

2. Mechanical operation problems.

Watches are generally mechanical watches, mechanical watches are operated by gears, watches will mark how many diamonds, this number of diamonds does not mean how many diamonds watches have, but how many gear shafts watches are drilled with diamonds, which are generally replaced by artificial diamonds. Because of the wear resistance of synthetic diamonds, the more drills the watch has, the longer the relative travel life of the watch. But the gear of a watch can't be machined with a hard material like diamond. It can only be machined with steel. The smaller the watch, the thinner the wheel axle, and the tens of thousands of revolutions a day depend entirely on the tiny oil in the drill hole to reduce wear. Once the oil dries out, the axle is in dry wear. After several years, the life of the watch will come.

3. Appearance maintenance.

The appearance of the watch is usually made of K gold, K platinum and high-grade animal skin. Although the main raw material of K-gold is gold, the sweat on the hands is acid and corroded by air. It is far less beautiful than the new time in a long time. This requires regular cleaning and polishing to keep the watch fresh. If it is K platinum, after a long period of wear and tear on the silver-white layer outside, the gold inside is exposed, which is not as white as before, so it also needs regular maintenance and plating to grow new. Leather straps, let alone sweat stains, will cause premature hardening and cracking of the belt. Normal maintenance should avoid wearing the belt watch during sweaty and rainy periods. If the watch is made of steel shell belt, often polished and renovated, it can better reflect its value.